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Twist-On Solderless RG6 Connectors


Twist-On Solderless RG6 Connectors

SKU: 56-5650

Create custom coaxial cables of any length with these solderless, twist-on coaxial (RG6/F56) plugs. Perfect when custom coaxial cables are needed. Snake a cable through a wall, then strip the end of the coax, and twist-on the connectors. Connectors fit standard coax-in devices like cable modems, digital cable boxes, HDTV's.

  • Compression Fit.
  • No crimping or Soldering.
  • Includes 2 connectors.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: RG6 Compression
  • Gender 1: Male
  • Gender 2: Female

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