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Plug-In Power Inverter


12VDC to 110VAC Plug-In Power Inverter (120W) w/ USB & Accessory 12V Port

SKU: 52-7380

This Arista power inverter allows you to use your vehicle's 12-volt electrical power port (cigarette lighter) to power 110V AC household devices. Run household electrical devices from a standard cigarette lighter port, as you also charge your USB cell phone, iPod, iPhone, MP3 player. Plug right into your cigarette lighter and turn it into a 3-prong, grounded 110 Volt outlet. Perfect for use in car, van, SUV, boat and RV. Ideal to power laptops, small TV, cell phone, portable DVD player, iPad, iPhone, MP3 player, gaming system, etc.

  • Automatic shutdown prevents vehicle battery from being drained.
  • Built-in replaceable fuse.
  • Safely powers a wide variety of 3-prong AC devices from your cigarette lighter.
  • Built-in Accessory cigarette socket .
  • USB port to charge/power USB devices.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Capacity: 120W
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: AC / USB / Cigarette Lighter (12V)
  • Converts: 12V DC to 110V AC
  • Output: 110V AC
  • Output: USB 5.0V
  • Surge Capacity: 240W

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