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About Us

Arista Enterprises Inc. & Affiliates was established in June 1966, by company founder Alan Leifer, is family owned and operated with headquarters in Hauppauge, New York for 50 years! Arista had a vision to continuously expand in order to provide the marketplace with the most useful and efficient products. Initially we specialized in small electronic components and then later expanded into the consumer electronic accessory industry.

In the 2000’s Arista expanded its product mix into the office and phone accessories channels by acquiring Artistic Products, a leading manufacturer in Desk Pads since 1921. In 2001 we acquired a telephone accessory company and renamed it Softalk Communications. We then created Timekeeper after the acquisition of a high quality wall clock manufacturer. In 2009 Glolite NuDell, a leading manufacturer of frames, plaques, and sign holders.

Our wide array of products provides our customers with items they can rely on that meet electronic, office organization or home décor needs.

If you have any further questions, comments or inquiries, please email us at