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2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter Plug


2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter Plug, Black

SKU: 18-3666

Some cell phones, PDA's and MP3 players use a 2.5mm headphone jack. Use this adapter to convert standard 3.5mm headphones to 2.5mm. Also useful when connecting your 2.5mm headphone jack on your cell phone or mp3 player to the AUX IN of your vehicle's stereo, using a standard AUX-IN cable with 3.5mm male ends.

  • Plug 3.5mm headphones into 2.5mm headphone jack.
  • Use standard portable headphones in devices using the smaller 2.5mm headphone jack.
  • Use in cell phones or portable music/mp3 players.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: Stereo mini female (3.5mm) / Stereo mini (2.5mm) male
  • Gender 1: Female
  • Gender 2: Male

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