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Power Surge Strip


7-Outlet Power Surge Strip

SKU: 52-521

Expand limited power outlets and plug up to seven devices including computers, laptops, HDTV, LED TV, and more into a surge protected power strip. The increased demand for power, and the addition of more powerful electrical storms throughout the country, can lead to interruptions of power and electrical surges. These power fluctuations can affect sensitive equipment, and can lead to precious data loss and permanent damage to expensive devices. Our surge protected power strip handles up to 7 devices, while also protecting them from being "fried" by electrical surges.

  • Protects equipment from power surges.
  • Outlets face outward for added convenience.
  • 7 outlets.
  • Resettable lighted on/off Switch.
  • Built-in 15 AMP Circuit Breaker.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Outlets: 7
  • Cable Length: 3 ft.
  • Amps: 15 amp/ circuit breaker
  • Amps: 15A
  • Output: 125V AC

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