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Adapters for Worldwide Electrical Outlets

SKU: 52-9430

The perfect travel adapter allowing you to plug your device into nearly any type of plug in nearly any country. Use this universal travel adapter when your plug doesn't fit the outlet. Selecting from the 4 adapters to allow you to plug in, power and charge your laptops, USB chargers, irons, hair curlers into foreign plugs. Perfect for foreign visitors to the USA, or by Americans traveling throughout the world. Note, this unit is not a voltage converter, but a plug adapter only.

  • Use outlets virtually everywhere in the world you travel.
  • Nesting adapters to avoid losing pieces.
  • Includes 4 adapters for use in Europe, USA, South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Hong Kong.
  • Perfect and necessary travel adapter.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Converts: AC Plugs to Worldwide AC Plugs
  • Amps: 2.5A max
  • Feature: 4 Nesting Adapters

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