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Dual 12V Car Accessory Adapter


Dual 12V Car Accessory Adapter

SKU: 52-4971

With so many 12 volt devices to operate in your car, including multiple cell phones and GPS devices, one outlet is seldom enough. This dual adapter enables you to plug in two devices at once, using a single cigarette lighter 12 v outlet in your vehicle. The 2 separately wired "y" cable outlets allow for more movement and easier access to the plugs. Perfect for charging and powering multiple cell phones at the same time.

  • Charge / power 2 devices at once with a single 12 volt lighter socket.
  • Outlet safety inserts for protection against accidental shock.
  • Replaceable fuse for overload protection.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: 1 Male 12V car accessory outlet / 2 female car accessory outlets
  • Capacity: 12V DC

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