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DVD & Blu-Ray Lens Cleaner


DVD & Blu-Ray Lens Cleaner

SKU: 28-1021

Over time, DVD and BLU-Ray players can begin to skip and "scan" inserted disks when the laser lens becomes dirty. Small particles of dust can collect over time and affect the laser path, and our DVD or Blu-Ray movies may not load or may skip, and game consoles may scan and search or take longer to load. Periodic maintenance with this lens cleaning system may improve performance of these devices. Simply insert the disc into the player, and press play and follow the software from beginning to end. Disc also includes a convenient program, accessed directly on your player, to adjust the audio channels on your surround sound system. Now you can properly set each audio channel's volume (L,C,R,SL,SR,Subwoofer) for the best surround sound experience.

  • Super fine microfiber brushes remove dust, dirt, and small particles.
  • Software allows cleaning.
  • Software testing of Audio Channels.