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Foreign Travel Converter and Plug Adapters


Foreign Travel Converter and Plug Adapters

SKU: 52-9975

When traveling abroad, this universal power adapter allows the use of US devices worldwide, in nearly every country. The 5 adapters allow plugging into a variety of foreign plugs. The power converter function reduces voltages from 220V/240V to the 110VAC used in US devices. A must when traveling to power your laptops, portable devices, tablets, iPod,iPhone, USB chargers, etc.

  • Includes 5 adapters.
  • 50W & 1600W selector.
  • Includes travel pouch.
  • Allows US devices to be used in most foreign countries.
  • Voltage step-down from 220VAC/240VAC to 110VAC (US).

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Converts: 220V-240V to 110V AC
  • Capacity: 50W / 1600W
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: 5 Adapter Plugs
  • Extras: Includes travel pouch

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