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HDTV/VHF/UHF/FM Indoor Antenna


HDTV/VHF/UHF/FM Indoor Antenna

SKU: 54-435

Indoor antenna receives over-the-air TV & FM radio signals, as well as HD TV signals. Receive standard definition (SDTV) and high definition TV (HDTV) signals for your TV or HDTV. Receives UHF channels 14-69 where almost all HDTV stations reside. Watch free HDTV when connected to your digital HDTV or digital cable tuner/box!

  • Receive free over-the-air HDTV or SDTV.
  • Antenna receives UHF/VHF/FM signals.
  • Attached 3-foot coaxial cable with screw on connector.
  • Adjustable antenna rods for better reception.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: 75 ohm Coax Lead
  • Frequency: HDTV/VHF/UHF
  • Channels: UHF 14-69
  • Frequency: 40 - 862MHz

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