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Push-on Quick Connect Coaxial Cable


Push-on Quick Connect Coaxial Cable, White

SKU: 58-631

Quickly connect to the coaxial input of digital cable boxes, HDTV, cable modems, etc. The white jacketed F56 push-on "F" video cable is designed to make quick connection and disconnecting to your coaxial device, with tight, sure-fitting plugs. This shorter length quick connect cable is perfect to connect a coaxial cable feed to your cable modem or splitter. The quick-on, quick-off ends are perfect for hard to reach areas of your home theater, HDTV, digital cable box or cable modem, where tightening the cable may be difficult.

  • Quick-on, Quick-off coaxial cable.
  • Shorter length for smaller areas eliminates extra wiring clutter.
  • 1 right angle coaxial end and 1 straight end for a variety of installations.
  • Strain relief on each end helps reinforce wire and prevent wire crimping.

  • Specifications/Features:
  • Connector/Adapter Ends: Coax Male / Coax Male
  • Signal: 75 ohm
  • Cable Length: 6 ft
  • Gender 1: Male
  • Gender 2: Male

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